O ^ O I'm a NSFW blog. I'm tagged as a NSFW blog. You have been warned.

I think I fucked up my finger… Not enough to see a doctor but I can’t fucking type or draw/write unless I baby it… Maybe it’s from when I jammed it from the side yesterday…?

Probably. But shit it fucking hurts sometimes.

Praising someone and then sounding sorry for yourself by your “poor art skills” so that you can’t properly draw your own character makes it seem like you’re hoping I’ll feel bad and give you free art…

Don’t say it like that and I won’t say “yeah, that sucks.” I’m not a bitch, but some people and actions make me act like one.

I’m so excited for my trip that despite it being a week away, I’m packed… I’m only missing socks…

Perhaps when I’m there I’ll do some Livestreams while Bunny is working. When he’s free you can count on me to be “distracted.”