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Good, blush then! Feel the warmth! You deserve it!

Wait until you accidentally don’t do anon and then I find out who you are. Then I make you regret making me blush. I live in a desert, it’s too hot for blushing! e v e

You are an extremely gifted person and I'm happy to see not only that you don't waste your tallest, but that you're personality also compliments it!

Ah mah gawd, where did this angel come from?

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So it’s 1:30am and I made a tail… I also added a felt wrap in the area fur usually mats.

Why did I make this… I’m probably not going to use it…

It’s 21-23 inches long depending on if you count the elastic or not.

Bah, I’m gonna sell it. I’m just gonna ask $20 +shipping and have it posted on FA. Sounds good. Yes.

spartkle said: did someone say foxy cosplay

I am going to cosplay Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s. My costume will include taking some artistic liberties to make it scarier and crappier but in a way that is obviously intentional. And Necomimi because that’s cool shit to use.

So Necomimi.

The white ear is the basic ear that comes with the Necomimi headset. The brown one (with subpar fur used just for the sake of being cheap practice) is the one I made today.

My ear does not use the foam inserts you can buy from Neurowear to make customs. Instead it has a box-ish shape inverted into the ear made out of heavy interfacing and a tiny strip of elastic that holds it on.

It’ll be perfect for my Foxy cosplay when I’ve got the fur for it.